Anderson Audiology Hearing Aid Sales and Service, Inc.

Serving New River Valley/Southwest Virginia with 4 Locations
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Our Story



In 1973, following her young daughter’s diagnosis of a profound hearing loss, Janice Anderson learned first-hand the challenges faced by those with a hearing impairment, and the best ways to overcome them. Nearly 45 years later, that has resulted in Anderson’s ability in being able to help enhance the hearing of countless others, as she now owns and operates four Anderson Audiology Hearing Aid Sales and Service offices throughout Southwest Virginia.

Though proud of her company’s growth, the Snowville native admits it wasn’t always in her plans. She had planned on being a stay at home Mom. But life happened and in 1972, Anderson’s daughter, Karla, was born in Germany. At 3 months old during the long flight to the U.S., many people on the plane became ill. Once home, Karla ran a really high fever, which Anderson now believes caused her daughter’s hearing loss. With frequent health issues during Karla’s first year of life, questions about her hearing were not addressed until the age of 12 months. At which time she was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss. 

Anderson immediately sought to increase her own knowledge of hearing loss and hearing aids. Starting with a mail-order correspondent course, and then eventually taking a sign language course at New River Community College. She began to explore technology to help Karla, though her earliest experience with hearing aids was not very pleasant. 

“The first person to fit my daughter did not instill any confidence in any aspect of the fitting process,” Anderson said. “I remember going out to the car and sitting there crying and thinking there’s got to be a better way to do this.”

Anderson did find a better way when she met Luther Repass, who founded Hearing Aid Sales and Service in Dublin in 1963. Mr. Repass fit Karla with binaural body hearing aids that allowed her to hear some basic drum sounds. In addition, Mr. Repass provided Anderson with a unique way of paying for the purchase – working alongside him in the hearing aid business.

The decision to accept Mr. Repass’ offer changed the course of Anderson’s life, eventually leading to her taking over the company in 1990, re-branding it Anderson Audiology in 1996 after obtaining her Masters in Audiology, and later her doctorate from the University of Arizona in 2004.

In 1999, a satellite office was opened in Wytheville.  Next a Galax office was opened in 2002, when Dr. Anderson’s son, Darrell Anderson came on board as a Hearing Aid Specialist. Then in 2008, Dr. Tina Proffit was brought on board to work in the Galax office, allowing Darrell to open Wytheville full time. In 2011, Marie Church came on board as an Audiologist for the new Christiansburg office. In 2016, Jennifer Chrisley and Bonnie Wright joined the team as Hearing Care Assistants. 

With our supporting staff, Kecia Furrow, Lisa Koger, Heather Cunningham, Amy Byrd, and Christina Parnell coordinating our patient care and keeping the offices running smoothly, we all work to give everyone that comes in the door the best Anderson Audiology Experience. 

The Anderson Audiology Experience is evident in each of the office’s welcoming atmosphere, compassionate care and professional expertise of each Anderson Audiology employee. Each office is equipped with the most modern technology, including video otoscopes allowing the patient to observe the condition of the ear canal and eardrum as well as Verifit equipment allowing hearing aid fittings to be as precise as possible. Patient care with Old Fashion Service with the most modern technology has been the motto for Anderson Audiology since the beginning.